First Week Challenges

How do you reflect on your own teaching practice? What is there to say about what you do? I know I can do better but how do I say it?

This week during our Professional Learning session all teachers were asked to write something that they do in class that is successful…something that they feel they do really well. Once written on a sticky note this was to go up on a wall in the staff room to remind us that we are all doing great things in the classroom all of the time.

I really struggled to write something down. I know that I am an okay teacher, I know that I am not organised enough and I am sometimes one to two periods ahead of some of my new classes…but why was this so hard to complete?

I realy felt like what I do isn’t anything special – it’s just who I am – maybe that is what is special? That sounds too pretentious. Is that what the teaching profession is suffering from? Too few teachers willing to discuss what they are good at for fear of persecution by their peers? It’s a tough question to answer.

In order to improve myself, I have to be willing to analyse what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are. SO I have to be objective about my ability – a self awareness? Wow how to you teach people to do that? If I knew the answer then I would be principal. I feel I can be critical of myself, but not reward myself. we all see to often people rewarding themselves when many of them don’t deserve it.

so then how to reward myself for the things I do well, while not going overboard and recognizing what to improve in. Now there’s a challenge.

Change. have to be a change agent.